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Details on refurbishment progress and booking details can be found on the Dennington Village Hall and Sports Club website.



Exciting news!!!!! The Business Hub has made a start!

The Business Hub is held in the Meeting room of the Village Hall. Essentially, we are offering the space as an ‘office away from the office’. We have excellent broadband and provide tea and coffee facilities for all users. It will run from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 5.00pm, PROVIDED the Meeting room is not already booked for an event.

All users will need first to REGISTER. The registration form is attached, but is ALSO available from the Hall website at this link - see above: . On completion of registration, a time sheet will be forwarded to you by Binkie Andrews, the Booking Manager, with further details about how to enter the Hall (keys and codes). The cost will be £2.00 an hour per person.

It should be remembered that the Business Hub will only be available when there are no other bookings for the Meeting Room on any given day. Users will need to check the EVENTS PAGE on the website at to see if the meeting room is being used or not that day, and when.

There are a number of people who have expressed interest in this idea already, so we hope it will help all those who need a regular working space away from home and away from the office.

Chairman's report from the Village Hall AGM held on 23rd November 2016

We had a very successful AGM and Trustees meeting on 23rd November. Minutes will in due course become available, but I forward to you my Chairman’s report for this year, ending November 2016, as it will give you a good picture of what we have achieved. It has been a good year and we are shortly launching our application to the Lottery Fund after an amazing amount of preparation.

The period of September 2015 to September 2016 has been a very active one for the Hall. Since our last AGM, a number of tasks have been completed.

  • Allan Dyne set up a special button for switching on the immersion heater in the Hall for a period of two hours. He has also set one up for each of the toilets, so that at the press of a button they will be heated up for an hour by the current blow heaters that occupy both rooms. These will of course change once the new heating system has been installed and the toilets have been revamped.
  • Anne Keyes was kind enough to donate the ping pong table, which had been left to her by Simon Jones.
  • Wendy Gilbert set up a Village Hall website which is flourishing. Many thanks to Wendy for her efforts.
  • We started a monthly fish and chip service which went very well initially, but faded out as summer came. There were not enough attendees to keep them interested.
  • A new Pool table was purchased – it requires some modifications still, but suffice to say it has never yet been used, despite much advertising.
  • Gayle Maycock very kindly encouraged a number of Mums to give up their ‘retired’ toys to the hall, so we now have a selection of toys with which youngsters can be occupied when their parents are otherwise occupied.
  • A new cupboard for all the cleaning equipment has been built and is now well used.
  • The store room was tidied up by John Watterson and Rickie Robinson and it is currently much roomier, though needs regular supervision. Old broken chairs and anything unusable was thrown out, whilst some things were moved into the containers. Thanks very much to both of them.
  • Rickie Robinson has continued his efforts to paint up the Hall and it is looking so much better for all his hard work. Thank you very much to Rickie.
  • We installed the 49” television into the meeting room, and later acquired 10MB Wi-Fi from Fram Broadband (allocated free as long as we advertise it is from them - kindly organised by Will Maycock) and this is being used more and more which is excellent. We have a new church group coming in every Sunday evening who plan to use it weekly for presentations.
  • We hired Julia Miller, a fundraising consultant to help us with our applications for the Village hall. She is currently working on our Lottery Application.
  • In September we held another consultation day which was chaired by Julia and went extremely well, thanks to all of you.
  • The road entrance to the Hall was completely revamped by Roger Gladwell and with that a new aco drain along the side of the Hall and a slab in front of the main entrance. It all works and looks so much better than it did.
  • Allan Dyne ordered a brand new Lincat cooker for the kitchen which is of quite excellent quality and bodes well for the future. Jenny Dyne organised the purchase of a new set of heavy duty saucepans for use on the cooker.
  • Sally O’ Keeffe has done a fantastic job editing the newsletter which has been outstanding and has really lifted the image of Dennington. More on that later.
  • James and Jotham Crip introduced Live Mic nights, and ably assisted and managed by Reg Dixon, we have had several very successful evenings. These will hopefully resume in the New Year.

Village Events:

In November last year, we had our second Dennington Concert which went down really well and raised just over £1000.00 for the Refurbishment fund.

In June this year, we held a picnic to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday which was a delightful occasion, attended by a broad spectrum of the village.

Coffee mornings remain a regular feature every two weeks.

Major Fundraising

We received £5000.00 from the Community Capital Grant Scheme in February, and an additional £3000.00 from the Enabling Communities Budget scheme, both supported by Paul Rous, our District Council member. We received a further £1500.00 from the Dennington Charities towards employing Julia Miller as our Fundraising consultant. Phase 1 of the refurbishment project has been completed, and Phase 2 is almost complete. Phase 3 and 4 are subject to Lottery and other funding applications being successful.

There is still much to do, but we still hope to see the majority of the work completed within 18 months.

Newsletter – new editor required and additional Bar assistance

Sadly, Sally O’Keeffe has decided that she simply does not have enough time to edit and run the newsletter any longer. We are therefore very keen to find someone who might wish to take this role on. It is such an important way of bringing the community together – it seeds ideas and helps to give everyone a sense of pride in our village, so it would be really sad if we are unable to keep it going. If anyone is interested, or knows of anyone who might be interested, please let me know.

We also really need more people who could give a few evenings to working behind the bar from time to time. If there were a number of us, then it would make life so much easier for everyone. At the moment, Dave Dunnett is saddled with almost every bar event and it does get very tiring. So if anyone would be willing to assist, please let me know.

A really big thank you to the regular supporters, our committee, the Commercial Team and especially to Dave Dunnett, Keir Wyatt, Allan and Jenny Dyne, Anne Keyes, Binkie Andrews, Sally O’Keeffe, John Watterson and Peter and Maggie Archard for their continued on-going support.

Please don’t forget that we are doing this for you. Our role is not to determine what happens in the Hall – that is for you. We are here as facilitators, to provided you with a facility worthy of our village and in which you can all have pride. Therefore we value your support and hope that you will extend that support in the interim period whilst we are in the process of refurbishing the Hall.

Thank you all so much.

James Maberly - Chairman


The Village Hall and Sports Club now have a website of their own, so if you wish to make bookings of the main hall and/or the meeting room, please go to the Village Hall website and follow instructions. You can also call Binkie Andrews on 01728 638813 or email her directly:  She will be happy to discuss dates and rates.

The main hall itself is expansive and has an excellent bar. There is a kitchen for all culinary needs and a very large car park, thus making it an ideal location for a variation of functions.



Caught in the Act!




Dennington Village Hall - 100 Club 2017/2018

Another successful year for the 100 Club. By subscribing to the 100 Club you will be helping us raise essential funds for the continuation of redecorating the village hall.
The 100 Club pays out prizes each month with the first prize of £25, second prize £15 and the third of £10. The draw will take place each month at the Dennington WI meeting and the results posted on the Village Hall notice board. If you do win your collector will deliver your winnings to you as soon as possible
The annual subscription is £12 and is now due for 2017/2018. Your invaluable contribution would be much appreciated.
Should you be interested in obtaining a number please contact Jenny Dyne on 01728 638166 or any member of the Hall Committee.