Dennington Allotments and Gardeners' Association

Currently, there is a plot available for rent. Option of whole, or part plot.

If interested, please contact the secretary:
Pene Welham,

Report for Dennington Parish Council AGM May 15th 2017

This is our 8th year as an allotment and the site has evolved into a pleasant and productive area, visited by many from the village to admire with envy some of the immaculate plots and regard with interest others of a more eccentric nature.

We now have 28 members, including one honorary member. The committee remains the same, since, despite encouragement, no other members had a burning desire to take over. 19 plots are being cultivated, some members having more than one plot and some only a half. At present, there is one vacant plot.

At the AGM, held 10th April, the finances stood at a £900, but most of the expenses are still outstanding for the coming year. Plot rents have been held at £30 for a full plot plus £5 for insurance for 2 people. Last Spring we received a most welcome cheque from the Consolidated Charities to buy a load of mushroom compost, sand and shingle for the association. This disappeared very smartly. Unfortunately, the bees did not survive the winter, but we hope to encourage some to take up residence this year.

Early this year, we met up for an informal social in the Dennington Queen, but any other socialising is still to be decided. On the whole, the association is a friendly group of people enjoying working on a most attractive site which has its own special peaceful atmosphere.

Pene Welham, secretary, Dennington Allotments